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Warehouse Storage Solutions

Ensure your goods are stored and distributed efficiently with Logistic Answers LLC in Elon, North Carolina. We offer several logistical services and have several warehouse locations. Our team works with manufacturers, importers, and corporations whose primary function does not allow for efficiency of operation with warehousing and distribution. Count on our premier warehouse and distribution services for a variety of distinctive benefits, including:

• Asset Reduction
• Workforce Reduction
• Freedom from Restrictive Labor Environment
• Expanded Geographic Coverage
• Operational Flexibility
• Reduced Cycle Time/Improved Responsiveness
• Supply-Chain Integration
• Logistics Operations Cost Reduction

Warehouse Workers

Outsourcing Warehouse Management

When it comes to outsourcing warehouse management activities, the business strategy is to reduce costs associated with distribution and warehousing operations. The value in outsourcing warehousing activity results from reduction of fixed assets associated with the physical warehouses, increased capacity for executing transactions and tactical warehouse processes, and overall operating cost reduction. In addition to capital and cost related benefits, there are other reasons to consider outsourcing of warehousing activities. These include access to leading practices, access to warehouse management systems, and incentive or performance-based contracts that drive continuous improvement.

Establish a Presence

Using a warehousing and distribution service allows you to establish a presence in a territory or region where you do not have an office or plant. This service expands your reach and allows you to serve your customers more effectively.

Cost Savings

Choosing an established warehousing and distribution service provides you with significant cost savings compared to the cost of establishing your own internal dedicated distribution system. We specialize in warehousing and distribution. Count on us to provide the added benefit of having the most skilled professionals working to keep your costs down with the various cost saving efficiencies we provide.

Low Startup

If you are an international company seeking to establish a presence in the United States, working directly with an established warehousing and distribution company provides you with a low-cost solution to enhancing your presence. Let us help you get started, so you can focus on your business while we take care of everything else.

Better Allocation of Resources

Rather than wasting time, money, and energy on non-core activities, we help you get back on track. By providing you with economical storage and delivery solutions, you can put your efforts and energy into the profit-making core activities of your company. We effectively allocate your resources, allowing you to easily track everything accordingly.


Better Service for Your Customers

If you don't specialize in warehouse management and delivery services, it could negatively affect your customers. There are various factors that affect the service you provide for your customers. Whether you have higher than average storage costs or have missed pickup or delivery deadline, you can count on us to resolve those issues. We increase customer satisfaction numbers by consistently meeting your needs and keeping your customers happy. We built our company on customer service.


Since we specialize in warehousing and distribution, we also have access to the technology that makes it easier to meet your needs, as well as those of your customers. When you work with us, you have access to inventory tracking capability, replenishment options, and unlimited customer service support.

Storage Professionals You Can Trust

When you choose us for your warehousing and distribution services, you are guaranteed the assurance that allows you to focus on your business. Our peripheral operation process is efficiently controlled by experienced and dedicated warehouse and inventory management specialists. They assure that your deliveries are being handled by professional, well-trained delivery drivers who pride themselves on being safe, polite, and reliable.

A Variety of Services

Choosing the right service is easy once you know what you are looking for. Trust us to offer you solutions that are customized to meet your needs and flexible enough to grow with you as your company grows. Ultimately, by outsourcing warehousing and distribution services, you should experience both financial benefits with cost reductions and productivity benefits by being able to reallocate your internal resources.

Warehouse and Equipment

Effective Storage Solutions

We have more than 250,000 square feet of warehouse space. We have several locations in North Carolina, Virginia, and midway throughout the east and west coast. Warehouse pricing is also provided in several different ways to fit your budget. There is long- and short-term storage customization available to meet the needs of your customers. Count on us to also load and unload any domestic or international shipments.

Providing More than Just Storage

Bill of lading and labeling services are necessary to ship directly to your customers. We also offer nationwide residential white glove delivery options to complement our warehouse storage services. Our transportation service helps facilitate practical inter-warehouse distribution. Our computerized inventory control system is customized exactly how you want it. There is also pallet racking and floor stacking options available.